My mission is to design and create unique dresses for unique women.

Mireia Vidal Brides was born from the passion that Mireia has for the traditional artisanal couture in the bridal wear industry. Countless hours learning from the best haute-couture dressmakers has brought Mireia to create hundreds of dresses for brides to date.

Working with her means:  friendly and professional treatment, flexibility, quality and style.

Mireia Vidal's work can be recognised by:

- How the dress shapes your body perfectly.
- How is the bride's style reflected on the dress.
- The haute-couture finishes.
- How the dress fits perfectly on the bride.

Our brides can give you the best opinions!

When I was a child I would sew dresses for my dolls with my Grandmother. I feel grateful to have found my biggest passion at an early age: Dress making.

I love my work so much that I live it with passion for every single detail.

My strongest qualities are: transparent process, appointment flexibility, organisation and quality from the start of pattern making to end of the process.