The final Photoshoot is here!


How exciting! Now it's time to take care of yourself and enjoy these last few days before your wedding day. We are glad to give this photoshoot experience to you, dressed up with your wedding dress. An experience you will forever cherish, with the best professional team around you.

Vestido de novia con capa

The Photoshoot we are about to do is a life long memory of a very special time of your life that won't come back. Immortalizing this moment will make you live it as many times you want. We will create a forever memory.

Vestido de novia girona

How will it be?

We will use 30 minutes for makeup and hair and one hour for the photoshoot. In total we recommend you to count on 2h per person to get everything in place and without rushing things. We usually book a minimum of two brides per day because it is easier for everybody to meet the same day. It is possible that you get to see another bride in the studio but the changing room is big and whilst one is having the makeup and hair done the other bride is taking pictures.

You can bring up to 2 people to see you take photos per day. The space is limited and we don't get to have much seats.

10 pictures will be sent from the photographer to Mireia Vidal Brides and then I will be sending them to the bride once received. If you wish for extra pictures with some friends or family member you can let me know and I will talk to the photographer.

Every extra picture the bride wants will be charged to the bride directly from the photographer.

diseñadora novia girona


At "Érase una vez un estudio", in Sils. Lola and her team are the photographers behind the lenses, their studio is full of stunning decorations and depending on the time of the year we use different ones. The Greenhouse is the star of the decorations but it is not always available. Lola and her team will be the ones to say which decorations we can get to use during the photoshoot.

We ask for punctuality but if you don't arrive on time we can reschedule another day or see if you can trade the time for the bride after you.

For parking the studio has its own private parking entering from street Santa Maria 3 of Sils. The entrance is on the left hand side, you will see a greenhouse and a caravan inside it.

If you park at the public parking at the corner of the studio, read the parking instructions right because if you don't do as asked they will fine you.

Don't hesitate to call or text for any question you may have.