WELCOME to my universe, I'm MIREIA VIDAL, a passionate of my work


I started very young in the dress making world, at the age of 12.
Since then I slowly created more and different dresses and collections until I found where my heart really was at: bridal wear.

Vestido de novia girona. Diseñadora de vestidos de novia girona

In my free time I love to travel and to get to know new cultures, specially their traditional cousine. I also love to be out in the great outdoors and to practice sport.

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I feel lucky enough to call my hobby my work and viceversa. My goal is to create unique and exclusive dresses for you. To empower women and make them feel special on their wedding day is one of my main goals.

To create a made to order dress is a very different process of what we are used to see on the TV.

Mireia Vidal Brides atelier de núvies Girona

Here we'll design your wedding dress together. We'll get into the fabrics world and I'll show you what fabrics will suit your project best.

The main goal of creating a bespoke wedding dress is for me to find the shape that suits your body best, so the dress adapts your body.

I'm aware that for most brides the quote prices is what worries you the most, that's why I adapt it all depending on your needs. My work fares start from 2.000€ since any dress has the same work previous to the fitting: measurements, pattern making, transformations, fabrics and fabric preparations.

diseñadora de vestidos de novia

Makeup by Gemm:


Gemma is a professional makeup artist and also my sister. Together we work for many brides and that makes us be a great team! When we get to work for the same bride I usually join her and whilst she does her job I get to give the last iron work on the dress.

She offers makeup for the Bride, the Groom and the Bridesmaids. She also works for private events and for clients outside the Bridal world.